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A new generation soil improvement systems
Widely employed in the sea and on land.

CDM Method

The soft and noncohesive properties of japanese soils are well known in the world. The soft soil improvement techniqies have been studied for long time in the civil engineering field in japan, and so many methods have been developed and employed.

Today, the needs comes to extend areas of high quality, stabilized ground layer in short period, accompanied with mega-scale constrauction projects planned on the soft ground layer, besides environmental conservation is also required.
To respond with the demand, a new construction method, "Cement Deep Mixing (CDM) method" has been developed through research and study, as well as the instruction of the Port & Harbor Research Institite of the Ministry of Transport and the other customers.
The CDM method is an applied chemical solidification technique, which inserts and mixes a cement slurry into soft ground to produce a more solid ground foundation. Established in 1977, the Cement Deep Mixing Method Association consists of companies that joined together to promote and improve this method. So far, excellent results have been obtained in many operations all over Japan.

CDM marine works image CDM on-land works image
CDM barge for marine works CDM equipment for on-land works
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